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oke aɪm hɪər


(Reid building, Phoneix Show, 2015, Glasgow, UK)


4 Spectograms printed on silk habotai 7 x 1.35m, Stage Fan,Circle Book 18cm and stand, 4 Opera singers




‘oke aɪm hɪər’ is a result of a 3 month residency in Glasgow University’s Linguistics and Phonetics department. Four spectograms are draped across the void, each visually representing significant dialogues from the past year. At the base of the void, a timed electrical fan generates regular movement up the space, embodying breath. Opera singers explore the resonance of the selected texts through their own bodies and within the circular space of the void. The work speaks of the fragility and complexity of language and how the past can be activated once more.





Thanks to.. Performers: Julia Daramy-Williams Ann Archibald, Michael Longden Documentation: Jen Martin Amy Pickles Glasgow University Laboratory of Phonetics: Rachel Smith, Farhana Alam, Robert Lennon, Vijay Solanki, Sophie Holmes-Elliott, Duncan Robertson, Fabienne Westerberg, Stephen Murray and the Phoenix Install Team Catdigital Artem Special thanks to Jane Stuart-Smith, Sukaina Kubba, Sam De Santis, Melanie, Conor, Emil, Jo, Rae-Yen, Shirley, Susan, Peter and Tim.

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